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Regular pipette preventive maintenance and calibration service can significantly reduce the costs, risks and liabilities associated with out-of-calibration pipettes.  Pipettes deliver precise volumes and accurate results when calibrated twice a year by a professional instrument calibration service provider, but they tend to wear out with frequent volume changes in everyday use and this can adversely impact test results.

Medical Equipment needs to be durable and precise to ensure accurate results and flawless functioning.  Therefore, timely maintenance and repairs for your lab equipment is necessary if you want it to function smoothly.   Medical lab devices are subject to wear and tear because of frequent use.  The longevity of laboratory equipment relies on proper care and ongoing maintenance. 

Cleaning a biosafety cabinet is an important function in terms of both containment and sterility. Aseptic technique and daily decontamination will eliminate the majority of contaminants.  In addition, periodic and thorough decontamination routines is recommended by the manufacturer and is a good laboratory practice to reduce wear on the equipment and provide greater safety to you, your samples, and the environment.

In Accordance wtih OSHA

Properly maintained Biosafety Cabinets, when used in conjunction with good microbiological techniques, provide an effective containment system for safe manipulation of moderate and high risk infectious agents. Biosafety cabinets protect laboratory workers and the immediate lab environment from infectious aerosols generated within the cabinet.  They must be certified when installed, and whenever they are moved (at least annually).

Employers should ensure that a risk assessment has been completed and approved for the work to be conducted and to identify the class and type of BSC needed for the operation procedure.