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Cleaning, Care and Maintenance of Microscopes

25 November 2017

SIC Laboratory Equipment Repair

It is imperative that you adhere to your microscopes manufacturer’s recommendations and instructions regarding the cleaning products you use when cleaning your microscope.  Using a cleaning agent that is not recommended may cause damage to the coating of optical surfaces.   

The use of solvents is generally not recommended.  Often too much solvent is used.  Your microscope's lens construction and mechanical components can be damaged by your unintentional seeping of solvents onto these surfaces.  

When solvents come in contact with the cement used in lens assembly, you end up with corrosion and separation.  Another important point is the risk to your health when touching and breathing in solvents.

Liquid window cleaners and eyeglass cleaners are not meant for your microscope's delicate optics. 

Oil Immersion
Oil immersion microscopy is a major culprit in that the improper cleaning and use of the immersion oil leads to debris that attaches to the residual oil as it accumulates. 

Irreparable damage can occur to the optics and mechanical components with its misuse and improper clean-up.  Lens paper can be used to remove immersion oil wiping gently/softly.

Never clean the internal lens surfaces. Image sharpness will be affected.  This should only be done by a qualified service center.  

Your microscope can last for many years with proper and regular cleaning and maintenance.
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