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27 March 2023

SIC Laboratory Equipment Repair

An Air Shower is designed to function as a sort of gateway controller between your cleanroom and the rest of the world.  When used properly, an air shower can cut down on a vast majority of potential contaminants and helps ensure that your product remains safe and uncontaminated. 

Air Showers may be used to allow carts, supplies, and/or personnel to safely enter a cleanroom.  Some common types of air showers include:

Cart Air Shower:  The Cart Air Shower (CT) is designed for carts.  It has one roof structure and 2 wall sections.  

Standard Air Shower:  The Standard Air Shower (SD) is for 1–3-person occupancy per cycle.  It has one roof structure and has 2 or more wall sections.  This type of Air Shower is often used where there are less than 25 people per hour that need to use the Air Shower.

Low Profile Air Shower:   The Low-Profile Air Shower (LP) is also for 1-3 person occupancy per cycle, however it has one roof structure, a large side wall that contains the mechanicals and a second wall.  The Low-Profile Air Shower is also used where there are less than 25 people per hour that need to use the Air shower.

Tunnel Air Shower:  The Tunnel Air Shower (TN) is for 4 or more-person occupancy per cycle.  This Unit has 2 or more roof structures and has 4 or more wall sections. This type of Air shower is used where there are more than 25 people per hour that need to use the Air Shower.

Low-Profile Tunnel Air Shower:  The Low-Profile Tunnel Air Shower (LT) is also for 4 or more-person occupancy per cycle.  It is compromised of 2 or more modules.  Often used where there are 25 ore more people per hour that need to use the Air Shower.

Air Showers are generally constructed from cleanroom-compatible steel or plastic materials and feature electronically powered blowers, filters, and high-pressure jet nozzles.  Air, at velocities of 3,000 to 7,000 feet per minute (FPM), continuously streams from the jet nozzles for 30-45 seconds, effectively removing loose particulate matter.

When personnel enter the enclose, they will lift their arms and turn their bodies for uniform exposure to the air streams, a procedure usually specified in protocol.  Air current from the jets create shearing and flapping forces, which life and remove contaminants from both flat surfaces and the creases of garments.

Often, air showers are equipped with air ionizers to reduce static electricity, as large volumes of high-velocity air crate electric charges.  Since laboratory equipment, electronic measuring instruments and many hi-tech manufactured good can often be damaged by electrostatic discharge, ionizers are essential in rendering material surfaces electrically neutral prior to entering the cleanroom

If you are in the following applications, an air shower can save you thousands and thousands of dollars in mistakes and contaminated product.

  1. Aerospace
  2. Nanotechnology
  3. Biotech
  4. Biomedical
  5. Microelectronics
  6. Precision manufacturing
  7. Pharmaceutical

No matter the cleanroom application, an air shower is guaranteed to decrease particulate and the presence of contaminants. 

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