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Repair and Maintenance Services

Quick Response Time for Scientific Equipment Repair and Maintenance

SIC Centrifuge Repair

Scientific Instrument Center, Inc. has been providing major companies, universities, and hospitals in Ohio with manufacturer trained preventative maintenance and scientific equipment repair for 50 years. We pride ourselves in providing laboratory equipment repair and scientific equipment repair with quick response, competitive rates, and as always, we are Dedicated to Excellence.

Scientific Equipment Repair: Centrifuge to Microscope Repair

We provide research Universities, labs, and hospitals services such as ISF calibration, thermometer calibration, pipette calibration, bio clean room certification, and microscope repair Columbus and throughout Ohio. At Scientifc Instrument Center, our high caliber of laboratory equipment repair and scientific equipment repair is used by many manufacturers including Campbell's, Bath & Body Works, Nestle, and many more. We also provide scientific and laboratory equipmemt repair for many unversities and medical laboratories including Ohio State, Indiana University, State of Ohio Department of Agriculture, Quest Diagnostics, and American Red Cross. Scientific Instrument Center is your trusted company for laboratory equipment repair, scientific equipment repair, microscope repair columbus and maintenance services.