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14 May 2019

SIC Laboratory Equipment Repair

Centrifuges are used to increase the sedimentation rate of particles by using centrifugal forces, which are forces that are greater than gravity.  Centrifuges consist of several different parts to include a rotor, motor, imbalance detector, tachometer, safety lid and a braking system.  Improper centrifuge care can lead to damage of critical centrifuge parts, resulting in malfunctioning. 

How to Keep Your Centrifuge Working Properly
There are several important cleaning and safety procedures that should be used to ensure that your centrifuge is working properly. 

Clean your centrifuge daily

  • Clean both the exterior and the interior of the centrifuge with a sponge, warm water and a mild detergent.
  • Do not use caustic detergents or a product that contains chlorine ions.
  • A plastic scrub brush should be used to avoid damaging the coatings.
  • When finished with the cleaning, you should use a centrifuge lubricant to lubricate the bucket grooves and rubber seals.
  • Only use approved disinfectants and/or spill kits to disinfect the centrifuge on a regular basis
  • Check for residue and corrosion on the rotors on a weekly or monthly basis.

Schedule Regular Preventative Maintenance

  • Schedule regular preventative maintenance with a trained technician for your centrifuge is vital because it increases the durability and functionality.
  • Regular preventive maintenance also ensures accurate results and reliable performance
  • Regular preventive maintenance includes:
    1. Inspection of the physical condition
    2. Inspection of the electrical condition
    3. Cleaning and testing of the centrifuge.
  • Regular preventive maintenance will not only prevent damage but can also identify damage that has already occurred and repair it before the centrifuge is no longer usable.

In order for your centrifuge to be in the best possible condition and to ensure the reliability of your research you should regularly schedule preventive maintenance with a trained technician.

As a leader in Scientific Equipment Repair and Medical Equipment Calibrations, Scientific Instrument Center provides preventive maintenance, repair, and calibration for Industrial and Waste Water Treatment Plants in the Ohio Valley Region.  Our technicians have been trained by the manufacturer to help you pass your inspection.  Documentation is always included, and certificates are also available.  Feel free to contact us  or give us a call at (614) 771-4700