Many lab suppliers offer gloves, but not all gloves are equal to particular tasks and risks.  Most labs need access to the right selection of gloves to ensure that lab workers use gloves that afford the right protection, comfort, and functionality for the job at hand.

If you are running a lab, you have to keep track of a lot of stuff.  The last think you can afford to worry about is whether your technicians are properly protected while working.   Having a reliable, affordable, and steady supply of lab gloves suitable for all of your lab’s work is a simple thing that prevents countless little mishaps.  Mishaps triggered by using the wrong glove, or failing to wear gloves, can make your lab less productive.

Lab gloves are nothing to skimp on.  While you want a good price, you do not want cheap gloves either.  To properly protect employees in the lab, you should have ready access to a full line of competitively priced premium laboratory gloves that meet all of your lab’s particular protection requirements and functions.  You need to be sure you can quickly identify, order, and receive the right glove for any job, whether exam gloves, food or industrial gloves, chemical-resistant gloves, or something in between.

To ensure your laboratory glove supply continuously meets your needs, be sure your supplier offers gloves with features like these:

  • A solid performance guarantees
  • Comfort
  • Reliable barrier protection suitable for activities involving risk of contact with bodily fluids, chemicals, and pathogens
  • An extremely high quality of glove manufacturing, with extensive quality-assurance processes to ensure conformity to international standards (like ASTM, EN, ISO, and JIS)
  • High-scrutiny inspection regimen — every glove is individually inspected for pinholes and other defects
  • Exceptionally “clean” and easy to put on and remove
  • Quick and reliable delivery

Other lab glove features to look for:

  • Properly packaged for access, storage, and sanitation, gloves are flat packed for easy dispensing and reduced contamination risk.
  • Online Leaching that removes interior residue, which makes the gloves easy to slip on and remove.
  • No silicone polymer coatings to mask sticky manufacturing residues. Your glove supplier should certify that their manufacturer’s online leaching and post-production processes leave a smooth and clean inner-surface, and never use silicone polymer coatings to cover up substances that should not be there.

Lab glove technology, design, and manufacturing processes change as manufacturers innovate. Innovations occur to improve safety, reliability, and utility. Given the safety and other risks associated with having and using the right glove in laboratory environments, be sure that your supplier continuously enhances and updates its selection of gloves to include the latest innovations. You want to be sure your supplier offers all of the latest options in glove technology.

Recent innovations include allergy protection, powder-free organic inner lining that hydrates, moisturizes and nourishes skin and provides extra comfort during prolonged periods, and improved packaging to save space, lower costs, and reduce environmental impact.

You want your lab technicians to have unquestioned confidence in the glove products you provide, so they can do their jobs properly at all times.

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