As critical to the smooth running of laboratories as equipment safety and security, data and information security is highly beneficial to any laboratories day-to-day activities.  You run the risk of data loss, viruses, inadequate storage, and many more problems which can be damaging to your lab.


Safeguard your most important files and data
When optimizing your lab’s security, consider who requires access to your computers and workstations.  Employ the use of ID cards to identify registered users and record the presence of any guest users.  Whenever  users login, their use of a workstation should be logged, and lab employees should be able to identify who used a workstation at any time, as well as any other workstation.

Do not leave your information vulnerable to attacks from outside interference.  Use the correct cybersecurity measures or policies.  You should be looking at antivirus software, firewalls, and automated backups to encrypted servers.  Regular updates will improve the vulnerabilities of certain applications too.


Securing sensitive data
Files, passwords, emails, and data backups should be encrypted.  Encryption is a versatile and important security system that no lab should be without.  It protects you from hackers and third parties, safely and easily.  Data that is encrypted is locked, therefore the only way to read it is to open it with a specific decryption key.

Consider making your most valuable files and information iron clad by encrypting them.


Integral to any lab’s day-to-day research.
Record keeping is integral to any lab’s day-to-day research. It is important for reasons of accountability and integrity.    Your records should make note of the person storing information, what you did, the date of the research, the year, and why the research was carried out, the methodology, and what materials you had used; your findings and interpretations as well as what your will do next.  It keeps important data to hand which you will need for analysis, collaboration, peer review and presenting your findings. 

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