A flow meter is a device used to measure the volume or mass of a gas or liquid.  Flow meters are referred to by many names, such as flow gauge, flow indicator, liquid meter, or flow rate sensor, depending on the particular industry.   Open channels, like rivers or streams, may be measured with flow meters.  Or more frequently, the most utility from a flow meter and the greatest variety of flow meters focus on measuring gasses and liquids in a pipe.  Improving the precision, accuracy and resolution of fluid measurement are the greatest benefits of the best flow meters.

What is the difference between calibration and recalibration?
Calibration is nothing more than comparing the output of a measuring device with a reference.  Re-calibration is a popular word for doing a “re-check” and is often referred to as when a purchased flow meter has been sent back to the factory for a periodic calibration check.  Re-calibration is the same as calibration, the flow instrument will be compared to a fixed reference, again.

Is calibration then necessary?
Every instrument is subject to aging, wear and dirt.  In order to ensure the instruments measure values representing the truth, a periodic check is often recommended.  For some applications a periodic check is even required due to legislation, norms, or directives.

How Often should you perform a calibration check on mass flow devices?
Mass flow instruments, in fact all process instruments, experience wear from the conditions of the process in which they are installed. Temperature, electronic component tolerance shift, contamination build up over time (even very slight), plus other factors will all contribute to affecting the accuracy of an instrument. Your instruments should regularly undergo, at a minimum, a calibration check if not a recalibration. But how often?  Because the nature of each application is different (conditions, running time, etc.) a calibration can last three years or three months

Can you clean and calibrate the instrument yourself?

Cleaning and repairing:   It is possible to restore the function of the instruments if no parts are irreversibly damaged. However, it can affect the accuracy of the device
Calibration:   It is possible to calibrate an instrument by checking its measured value with an accurate reference yourself. 

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