The process of calibrations is the comparison between standard and tested measurements.  Instrument calibration is important in order to provide good and accurate measurements. 

What can go wrong if you choose NOT to calibrate your equipment

POOR RELIABILITY:  When you have a calibrated machine, you can prove that the test equipment is maintained well and is regularly services.  When you do not calibrate regularly, the reliability of the measurements will go down.

INACCURATE RESULTS:  If you do not calibrate your equipment, it will not give accurate measurements.  When the measurements are not accurate, the final results will also be inaccurate, and the quality of the product will be sub-standard.

SAFETY FACTORS: Uncalibrated equipment can pose a number of safety risks.

  • Risk of electrical shocks for those handling improperly calibrated equipment (especially in a hazardous work zone where electricity is present)
  • If you do not calibrate temperature controlling or sensing devices, you will not be able to regulate the temperature of the facility, causing employees to work in uncontrolled temperatures.
  • If you use uncalibrated test equipment to check the temperature in a pharmaceutical or food storage unit, the product can spoil and put consumers lives at risk.
  • If tire gauges are not calibrated, the incorrect measurement may increase the wear on the tire and reduce traction, increasing the chances of a car accident.
  • One negative feedback or comment from a customer is enough to rattle the reputation of your company. To protect the loss of reputation, use calibration services by accredited calibration labs to ensure that your business does not lose its good reputation.

POOR QUALITY:   If you cannot measure temperature accurately in production or manufacturing processes, there will be quality issues in the finished product.

OVERALL COSTS GO UP AND DIP IN PROFITS:  Unnecessary waste translates to increased costs.  If you consume more energy than required, you would be spending money unnecessarily and the overall costs will go up.  Poor quality will show a dip in your sales and it may even lead to a product recall.

There are a number of risks of not calibrating your instruments.  Do not put your business and product quality in jeopardy.  Ensure high reliability by performing calibration as it will make sure that your test equipment performs with accepted standards and achieves quality assurance.

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