26 April 2019

SIC Laboratory Equipment Repair

You should always look for the best, most experienced people when you need medical equipment repair.  Medical equipment repair is a highly technical process that requires a mis of repair skills, technological expertise, and medical knowledge.

Some things to consider while choosing a medical repair technician:

  • Reliability
  • Easy to Work with
  • Possess problem-solving skills
  • Detailed Oriented
  • Tech Savvy

When it comes to Reliability in the medical industry, punctuality and consistency are extremely important.  The different between on-time and late can be the difference between life and death.   Your technician should always be on time, know what they are doing, and will l get the job done no matter how complex or difficult it may be.

 Is your technician easy to work with? The best technicians know they might be saving a life through the service that they provide;  a human being is being helped by the machine they are working on.  They work in high-stress environments and have rigorous work schedules.

Often, you will know know what the exact problem is with your medical equipment.  This when  Problem Solving ability and expert knowledge of a skilled medical repair equipment technician comes into play.  You should look for technicians who can repair known issues and can also identify the many issues that may occur with the equipment.

Some medical equipment are complex pieces of machinery that are made up of small parts, each of which performs its own specific function.  When the equipment breaks down, any one of those small parts could be malfunctioning.  The best Detailed Oriented technicians can identify even the most minute anomalies in the device they are servicing.

Medical equipment is not just made up of mechanical parts, it also consists of detailed computer programs that are required for it to function.  A Tech-Savvy technician can and will solve both the hardware and software issues that may arise.

Don’t leave your vital equipment to anyone with little experience.  At Scientific Instrument Center, our strong history of experience and relationships in the health care field translates to equipment that is repaired in a timely manner and to the highest standard.  We specialize in what you need done and have experienced technicians for medical equipment repair in OH.  

Reach out to us at 614-771-4700 to set up your service call.

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