Scientific results can be compromised by a lack of proper maintenance.  The condition and quality of your lab equipment impacts its performance and the results generated.  

Some Key Points for you to be Aware of:

  • Refurbishing
    Refurbishing refers to the process in which dismantling pieces of your laboratory equipment and cleaning each component thoroughly. Metal elements are also polished, and any pipette pistons can be lubricated.  To extend the life od your lab equipment and increase its efficiency and functionality, you should consider refurbishing at regular intervals.
  • Repairing
    In some instances, laboratory equipment will need to be replaced entirely, however, some simple repairs may be adequate. To elongate the functional life of larger pieces of lab equipment, conduct small repairs, such as installing replacement parts when needed.  
    When it comes to larger pieces of equipment, some parts will accrue wear more rapidly than others.  Play close attention to which parts of your lab equipment are showing signs of wear and implement a program of preventative maintenance.
  • Calibration
    To increase the accuracy of your lab equipment and prevent any type of data corruption, preventative, detailed services, such as calibration services, should be sought out on a regular basis. 
  • Cleaning
    Regular cleaning is too often overlooked. If your laboratory equipment is not as clean as it can be, it is unlikely to yield consistent results. Cleaning your equipment thoroughly, at regular intervals, is among the best ways of keeping it in good working order and elongating its functional life. On a daily basis, wipe clean exposed surfaces, and schedule a deep clean 
    once each week. 
  • Outsource or In-House
    Laboratory equipment maintenance and repair should be undertaken by a qualified professional. While in-house maintenance teams may prove costly, reputable third-party equipment maintenance and repair can be a cost-effective alternative. Since the reputation of any laboratory is only as strong as the accuracy of its lab equipment, regular cleaning, maintenance, calibration and refurbishing is essential. 

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