There are several alternatives to using accredited calibration services like an unaccredited quality assurance laboratory or a commercial equipment manufacturer that can perform instrument calibration, so why choose an accredited lab when others can perform the same instrument calibrations at a low cost?

Because unaccredited calibration services and manufacturers are not audited by an accredited body, they do not need to meet any calibration regulations or comply with high level of standards.  You can never be sure of the results and the performance of the calibrated instrument.  Inaccurate measurements and lack of adequate quality assurance can then result in serious process breaches, potential fines, and product recalls.   It is important to understand the consequences of major differences in the accuracy and quality of lab calibration services.

Some of the Key Advantages of Accredited Lab Equipment Calibration Services:

  • Strict Adherence to High Standards
    Accredited lab calibration services undergo an assessment procedure for developing and executing a quality management system to ensure compliance with the ISO 9001 standard. The ISO is a recognized global standard of quality and so it demands a high level of competency from lab calibration services before they can be certified for their credibility and accuracy.

  • Unmatched Accuracy
    The accuracy, proficiency, and traceability of accredited lab calibration services have been tried, tested and verified by an independent third party. So, when organizations call on their instrument calibration services, they can be confident that every instrument calibration has been thoroughly audited by extensively trained assessors to deliver the highest standards. 
  • Meticulous Monitoring
    When you choose accredited lab calibration services, you have the added confidence of knowing that an independent accreditation body has audited everything – from the management system and reference standards to the training records and quality assurance system.
  • Exceptional Level of Control
    Accredited lab calibration services enable organizations to control and track their instruments even after they leave the facility. Also, the instrument calibration is performed in a controlled environment which provides an additional layer of confidence in the quality assurance and accuracy of the calibrated instruments.

  • Reduced Costs
    When you use accredited lab equipment calibration services for instrument calibration and quality assurance, they can experience absolute peace of mind knowing that every process and procedure has been audited to comply with the 1SO 9001 standard and so the costs associated with in-house auditing also get eliminated.

Accuracy in instrument calibration is extremely crucial to ensuring appropriate operation of equipment and safety of technicians who are operating the equipment. If instrument calibration is off, it puts both the people and the processes at risk.

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