Ohio officials and partners continue to develop strategies to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic and the disruption it has caused throughout Ohio’s economy.    Every Ohioan is playing a part in helping to save lives and restart the economy.    For the most vulnerable, this means staying at home as much as possible.  For other’s it means chipping in to help those who m7ust stay home, heading to work, supporting businesses and other venues as they reopen, or adhering to policies, practices, and guidelines designed to keep the virus at bay.

Ohioans who are facing new financial challenges as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, and state agencies have a number of programs and policies in place to help them weather the storm.  Find links here to local, state, and federal resources and information on  unemployment resources, health insurance and more.  Economic Resources for Individuals and Families  

to find links to local restaurants and retailers you can support by ordering delivery or carryout, making online purchases, or buying gift cards.  
Link:  Support Local Ohio Businesses

For information on ways officials have addressed the pandemic and planned for an economic restart visit Public Health Orders where you will see the latest orders signed by Governor DeWine.  
FINANCIAL RESOURCES available to families and individuals in need can be found :  Resources for families  

The Office of Small Business Relief (OSBR) is focused on identifying and providing direct support to the state’s nearly 950,000 small businesses to help during the current public health crisis and to position them for a strong rebound.  For information on financial resources available to business visit Coronavirus.Ohio.Gov/BusinessHelp.

The Entrepreneurship and Business Assistance Centers provide resources for starting or maintaining a small business in Ohio.  Resources for starting or maintaining a small business in Ohio can be found here:  Ohio Business Gateway

The COVID-19 Pandemic has significantly altered our lives and the way we think about public health in the Unites States.  While we have learned a lot from this pandemic, larger shifts in public health are needed to better protect the population against future outbreaks.    While it is too early to assess the damage caused by this global pandemic, there are signs that it will permanently change the way society functions.  From it impact on the global economy to our daily lives.  COVID-19 will leave an enormous impact on how we consume, how we learn, how we work, and how we choose to socialize and communicate.

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