Industrial thermometers, pressure gauges, and other devices are subject to a variety of stresses; mechanical, chemical and thermal.  All measuring devices lose accuracy over time; therefore, reliable readings require a regular schedule of calibrations. 

Time isn’t kind to the human body, nor to measuring instruments, and even though nothing lasts forever, regular tune-ups not only can prolong a device’s lifetime, but it can maintain its high level of performance.  Regular checks and recalibrations help industrial plants get the most out of measuring equipment.

Accuracy verification and calibration are normally performed before installation (factory calibration), during preventive maintenance, during scheduled shutdowns and annually during audits.


Operating conditions of the Instrument

Is the instrument exposed to significant shock, pulsation, vibration or any other mechanical stresses?  Does it regularly undergo large fluctuations in pressure or temperature?  These types of conditions can reduce an instrument’s accuracy over time, but more frequent calibrations can mitigate the effects.

The importance of the process and the parameter that has been monitored

  • Is the instrument used in a critical process?
  • Will the entire application suffer if the industrial gauge, indicator, or thermometer does not perform within certain limits?
  • Will plant or product safety be compromised by even small deviations in accuracy?

If so, frequent calibrations can prevent problems.  The associated downtime and expenses are negligible compared to the errors that could lead to batch contamination, tank leaks, plant explosions, etc.…

Regular instrument calibration will:

  • Improve product quality
  • Increase process safety
  • Boost confidence in the measuring device
  • Prevent rejects and discards
  • Ensure compliance with standards and guidelines

Instrument manufacturers will normally advise how often their devices need to be calibrated, but in some cases instruments many need a special calibration before specific projects to ensure their accuracy. 

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