A measuring instrument is any tool that weighs, counts, or measures quantitative characteristics of a sample.  This can range from balances and scales to pipettors or pH meters.  These tools must be regularly assessed with calibration to make sure they are measuring accurately.  Your measuring instruments are vital to creating the highest quality products, analyses, or results.  Keeping your instruments in good condition is very important.  All measuring instruments should be cleaned, maintained and regularly calibrated.

 A calibrated instrument will not only help you produce high quality reliable traceable results but will also save you money.  Regular calibration can identify when an instrument needs an adjustment or repair.

  • Have a clear and appropriate procedure for how the unit is measured.
  • Employ a well-trained staff that use an understand the instruments
  • Use calibrated instruments and understand what calibration can do for you.

 How to know if your measuring tool should be calibrated

  • Always calibrate measuring instruments after any kind of mechanical shock or damage.
    • Calibration will help identify when a repair is needed.
  • Check manufacturer recommendations
    • Most manufacturers recommend regular calibration either by a trained user or by their own technical assistance professionals.
  • Set regular, periodical calibration schedules for all your instruments
    • This will help to keep them functioning at their best.

How to calibrate your instruments

  • Use manufacturers technical assistance professionals.


  • A trained user in your lab can calibrate some measuring instruments
    • However, if you choose to calibrate in house, be sure that you have the right standards for an accurate calibration.

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