Labs rely on the ability to deliver accurate results in minimal turnaround time, and efficient equipment is essential to make sure that these goals can be met.  Keeping your lab equipment in top condition is vital if you want the results of your experiments to be accurate and reliable. 

Equipment is one of the most significant outlays in laboratories.  Where limited funding often means expenses must be carefully controlled.  From aiding your research to keeping your costs within budget, there are several reasons why equipment maintenance is a must for your lab.

    Do not put off having your equipment calibrated regularly.  If you fail to do this often enough, you may find that your data becomes corrupted due to lack of accuracy.  To ensure its accuracy and depending on the level of maintenance your equipment requires, there are several services available for calibration.
    One thing a lot of labs tend to overlook is cleaning.  This means wiping down all the exteriors of your equipment every day and giving them a full clean once a week to keep them in top condition.   And some lab equipment may need to be cleaned using a specific process.  For instance, microscopes must be cleaned with a 70:30 mix of ether and alcohol to ensure they are cleaned to be accurate.  If a piece of equipment requires a more thorough clean, this can be done by a qualified professional.

    If equipment becomes faulty or has stopped working, it might not necessarily mean that it needs to be replaced. Most lab equipment can be salvaged by simply replacing parts or performing other repair work. Some parts will wear quicker than others and if managed correctly, these can be replaced as a preventative measure.  Centrifuges, for instance, requires a lot more maintenance to keep them in safe working condition than equipment that receives less daily wear.

Sometimes, in spite of proper maintenance and repairs, equipment will eventually, reach the end of life and will need to be replaced.  It will be tempting to economize equipment by choosing a less expensive model, however you might find that this offers a false economy.  If it is an important part of your lab that is used regularly, you might want to consider choosing high-quality equipment to ensure that it has the durability to stand up to regular use in your laboratory.  Higher quality equipment is also easier to find parts for and can be cleaned and refurbished more easily. 

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