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Electronic Equipment Calibrations

02 November 2017

SIC Laboratory Equipment Repair

Equipment that need electronic calibrations include standardized electrical apparatus and those used for checking temperature and pressure.  The procedure of electronic calibration ensures that all tools adhere to the International Standards of measurements.

Examples of electric equipment that needs instrument calibration include the following:

  1. Temperature transmitters
  2. Temperature calibrators
  3. Simulators
  4. Digital thermometers
  5. Electronic indicators and controllers
  6. Other handheld clinical instruments.

You should always have your instruments subjected to electronic calibration, especially when you suspect that they do not meet certain Reference Standards, or if they have been exposed to abrupt weather changes.

Failure to calibrate your instruments and equipment properly may cause potential safety hazards.  This is especially common in instruments that measure perishable products.  (for ex: food thermometer).  Your organization could face serious legal consequences if found guilty of using improperly calibrated instruments.

Faulty equipment and instruments cause a waste of resources and increases expenses.  Electronic calibration of equipment should be a mandatory procedure during regular maintenance of your instruments.