Have you ever experienced eyestrain while looking through a microscope? Or perhaps you purchased a microscope that just wasn’t quite right?  Below you will find a few common issues that you just may come across with you microscope equipment.

This is a common cause of eye fatigue for scope users and it is not recommended that you try to correct any alignment problems with your equipment.  If you find your equipment out of alignment, you should have it corrected by a LASER alignment.

Parfocality is the ability of a scope to be focused at high magnification and maintain focus all the way to low magnification in both eyes.  If a scope is not adjusted and setup properly, it may not have parfocality, which will cause eyestrain for the users.

Internal contamination is caused by the lack of regular and proper maintenance.  Once a film of sticky contamination has coated the internal optics, dirt can stick to the film making the images dull and hazy.  You may notice that the zoom knob is hard to turn or the optics may chatter when zooming up or down. If you look backwards through the scope (up through the bottom lens) and slowly turn the zoom knob, you will be able to see the dirt on every optical surface in the system.


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