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20 December 2022

SIC Laboratory Equipment Repair

Year 2022 has seen the continued impact of an inflation surge as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic.  The rollout of C-19 Vaccines, has continued, and this year has seen the lifting of COVIID-19 restrictions and the Global economy has increased it recovery from  the Pandemic.

Whether you spent 2022 still trying to process 2021, here are just some events (good, bad, and weird) from this year. 

  1. Russian Invasion of Ukraine – The largest armed conflict in Europe since World War II, has caused the displacement of 15.7 million Ukrainians and let to international condemnations and sanctions and nuclear threats, the withdrawal of hundreds of companies from Russia and the exclusion of Russia from major sporting events.
  2. Tropical Storm Ana – Kills 115 people in Madagascar, Malawi, and Mozambique.
  3. COVIID-19 Pandemic – The number of vaccinations administered worldwide exceeds 10 billing
  4. 2022 Winter Olympics are held in Beijing, China, making it the first city ever to host both the Summer and Winter Olympics.
  5. Monkey Pox Outbreak – An outbreak of Monkeypox virus case is reported in London, the United Kingdom
  6. Elon Musk – Completes his $44 billion acquisition of Twitter
  7. Apple becomes the first company to reach a stock market value of $3 trillion
  8. Victoria’s Secret – features a model with Down Syndrome. She appears in the fashion company’s Love  Cloud (an add campaign), which emphasizes diversity and inclusivity.
  9. MICROPLASTICS – A study published in March in Environment International, found microplastics in human blood. About half of the e participants in the study had polyethylene terephthalate, a polymer used in water bottles and food packaging, amount other everyday items, in their blood stream.
  10. Women referee at men’s World Cup – Stephanie Frappart of France became the first woman lead referee at a men’s world cup match when she officiated a game between Costa Rica and Germany in Qatar, in December 2022.
  11. South Korea launches a satellite using its own
  12. Marijuana – More Americans are smoking marijuana than cigarettes. I report revealed that more Americans are smoking marijuana than cigarettes for the first time on record.

As another chapter of our lives is about to end, it is that time of year when we reflect on what has gone before and what is yet to take flight. May you take time to reflect upon and acknowledge your accomplishments, your dreams and those who matter most to you in  your life. Happy New Year from all of us at Scientific Instrument Center. Many blessings for a wonderful 2023!

As a leader in Scientific Equipment Repair and Medical Equipment Calibrations, Scientific Instrument Center works with many corporations, universities, and hospitals providing the highest level of laboratory services. 

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Our skilled staff members understand the nuances of instrument calibration and the manufacturers train our technicians, so any inspections we make mean your equipment is to quality standards.   For more than 30 years, SIC has served businesses that use a wide variety of diagnostic and scientific equipment.  We are specialists!

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