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26 October 2022

SIC Laboratory Equipment Repair

Laboratory evaporators remove solvents, such as acetone, methanol, DMSO or water, from aqueous samples for solvent recycling or distillation, sample purification, compound separation, or sample concentration.

Evaporators apply heat directly to the sample, using a heating block or water bath, while generating a vortex motion within the sample tube, or flask.  The vortex motion, which continuously mixes the sample, increases the samples surface area to boost evaporation rates.   They are designed as a benchtop system for daily use in pharmaceutical drug development, life science R&D, and wet chemistry laboratories. 

Evaporator concentrators are commonly used in life science for purification of peptide and nucleic acid samples.  They do not directly apply heat to the sample but generate a centripetal motion within the sample tube to evaporate the solvent. The spinning motion decreases the sample’s surface area, reducing evaporation rates and lengthening evaporation times. 

Centrifugal Evaporators utilize heat, applied TO the samples through a heating block, and vacuum pressure, applied by a diaphragm vacuum pump, to remove solvent from the samples.

Rotary Evaporators include a heating bath, dry ice condenser or chiller, solvent collecting vessel, vacuum pump, and rotation distillation flask.  The distillation apparatus rotates the flask above the heating bath to boil of the solvent, commonly acetone, ethanol, or DI water.

Rotary Evaporators, or roto-vaps, are capable of capturing volatile solvents, like ether or methylene chloride, or polar aprotic solvents, like DMF.

Nitrogen blow-down evaporators are ideal for smaller-volume samples between 100 ul and 10 ml, the total volume of all samples during a single evaporation run should not exceed 60 ml. Centrifugal and Rotary Evaporators accommodate samples larger than nitrogen blown down systems but smaller than roto-vaps; common runs should not exceed 450 ml.  Rotary evaporators process high-volume samples up to 3 liters in volume.

As a leader in Scientific Equipment Repair and Medical Equipment Calibrations, Scientific Instrument Center works with many corporations, universities, and hospitals providing the highest level of laboratory services. 

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Our skilled staff members understand the nuances of instrument calibration and the manufacturers train our technicians, so any inspections we make mean your equipment is to quality standards.   For more than 30 years, SIC has served businesses that use a wide variety of diagnostic and scientific equipment.  We are specialists!

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