A modular wall system allows you to keep existing walls within your current lab and use wall cladding (overlay) that provides seamless internal walls and coved corners within the confines of the lab space.

You can also enclose a space within your lab with additional walls that are erected as part of the build-out. With an overall emphasis on maintaining sanitary conditions, a seamless wall design with soft, angular coving allow any pharmacy to mitigate risk and approach nonsterile or sterile compounding with improved confidents.

Passthroughs play a vital role in any cleanroom or controlled environment. They reduce foot traffic, improve cleanliness, safety, productivity, and much more.
To help you think about considerations for your next cleanroom build out, here are some key factors to take into consideration.

FLOORING - Starting from the ground up, the application of a levelled, nonporous floor is vital to the room’s integrity. It is also important to include horizontal floor coving that provides a simple and neat finish.

WALLS – While a modular wall cleanroom system can include cladding existing walls and erecting additional ones, the planning and installation process does not end there. You can choose solid walls, walls with windows or half glass panels to improve aesthetics while maintaining cleanroom integrity.

SEALS AND ROOM PRESSURE – It is important that your installers use pharmaceutical grade silicone along all wall seams and coving to also maintain the integrity of the rooms pressure. Most nonsterile cleanrooms are designed to maintain a negative pressure environment to prevent aerosolized powders or fumes from escaping.

CEILINGS – To finish enclosing your cleanroom, you can use a T-grid ceiling that is stabilized from  your current structure. This ceiling type allows for panels to be easily removed for maintenance and to be adjusted to your pharmacy needs.

If you are choosing to renovate your facility, do not underestimate the benefits of a modular wall system for all types of compounding. They offer peach of mind, high quality materials and the flexibility to accommodate your needs. Also, connect with a financial advisor, since a fully modular cleanroom is considered a fixed asset and may be depreciated over time, thus providing many potential tax advantages.


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