Many different types of pressure transducers are available in the market and are categorized differently on the basis of the pressure range that is measured, the range of temperature, and the type of pressure.  Usually the pressure transducers can be commonly categorized as:

  • Gauge pressure sensors
    1. Imagine a tire pressure gauge (example)
  • Absolute pressure sensors
    1. Used for measuring pressure that is relative to a vacuum.
  • Sealed pressure sensor
    1. The pressure that is relative to a fixed pressure is measured with the aid of this sensor.
  • Differential pressure sensor
    1. Used for measuring the difference between two (2) pressures.

Pressure transducers differ and vary depending on design, technology, cost, application suitability, model and other factors.

Various names by which a pressure transducer is known:

  • Pressure senders
  • Pressure sensors
  • Monometers
  • Piezometers
  • Pressure transmitters
  • Pressure indicators

It is necessary to calibrate these transducers so the pressure transducer calibration ensures results that are reliable and authentic.  To get accurate readings and proper measurements, the pressure transducers should be recalibrated at least once a year.  There are various kinds of pressure transducers on the market and before purchasing, you should familiarize yourself with the different options, for instance, Acone, ALDP3051, and ALDPWG.   Different transducers should be employed and calibrated to get the true readings.