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Industrial thermometers, pressure gauges, and other devices are subject to a variety of stresses; mechanical, chemical and thermal.  All measuring devices lose accuracy over time; therefore, reliable readings require a regular schedule of calibrations. 

Are you considering on calibrating pressure instruments in house?  Then there are a few things to think about before setting up the lab and committing to a scope of calibration.  Once you have the answers to your questions, you must choose a pressure standard to use in the calibration.

A cleanroom is an enclosed area in which airborne particles are limited, controlled and eliminated with that space.  The ability of these particles to contaminate or cause a problem is dependent upon the size of the particles.  A cleanroom will deal with contamination by preventing the entry of airborne particles by filtering the air that enters the room, changing the air within the room and will provide an area and a specified procedure when it comes to the cleaning of equipment prior to their entry into the room.

Calibration is a comparison between two devices, where one device is the instrument that requires calibration and the other is the reference probe that defines the accuracy. Instrument calibrations are performed to ensure the accuracy of measuring devices, such as thermocouples and/or wireless data loggers, by using a temperature reference sensor, which is a pt100 reference instrument.